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Ah…the Air Force. If you’re an Airman, you KNOW about what the Air Force has to offer, doncha?

And I would hope you remembered the beginning of the Air Force song…how could you possibly forget it?

Some things are just imprinted into our minds forever. A lot of those things could have come from serving your time in the military. Albeit I am only an E-4…but even at that rank, I have been through a lot.

I received an e-mail from a friend (who, by the way, finished his contract this month, ***tear***)  that reflected on reasons to LOVE the Air Force. I will share some of those with you here.

Reasons why I love the Air Force

1. Yesterday sucked, today sucked, tomorrow is going to suck, and this

seems to be a pretty solid forecast for the rest of my enlistment.

2. Spending 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year training for

something that there is a 99.9% chance that we will never do.

3. WWWDWOA? (what would we do without acronyms?)-My take-SERIOUSLY. The acronyms were meant to make life easier, but sometimes I think they were over kill! Ahhhhh!!

4. Taking simple daily tasks and breaking them down into nuclear

physics  before doing them.-My Take-They must have an AFSC out there titled “Break Things Down Into the Tiniest Form & Drive People Insane with a Million Boring Briefings Technician” LOL.

9. I love cleaning the same places over and over and over until either

the paint comes off or my hands are bleeding.-My Take-One time, I had to sweep the parking lot,but not only to pick up the trash, but to pick up and get rid of the ROCKS on the ground. Seriously?! The rocks??!

15. Getting “random” drug tests every couple of weeks. Not many people

can testify to taking about 50 drug tests in the past two years without

having ever been caught doing drugs in my life. -Yeah. Really. We could use some of those drug tests for the REAL druggies out there, eh?

26. Having to change your computer password every two weeks to keep

terrorists from hacking into my e-mail and stealing all of these jokes.- He he.

29. Oh, look…There’s the boss. We better all stand at attention until

he tells us we can move. Do they do that in the civilian world too?-My Take-Sometimes, repeatedly standing up then sitting back down can be a lot of work!

30. Is that local time or Zulu?-My Take-SO, do the people in England call it Zulu time too, or are they excluded?

42. Why did our parents even bother giving us first names?-My TakeBecause they had NO IDEA we would be where we are today, that’s why!

43. IN what other job can you do things NOT the RIGHT WAY, but the AIR

FORCE WAY?-My TakeAnyone  can adapt this laughable motivator…just fill in the blank! “Don’t do it that way, do it the _________ (fill in the blank with your company’s name) WAY!” Say it with me now.

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Big Brother Is Watching…err, We’re Watching!

Big Brother: After Dark
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So we’re getting closer and closer to seeing who the final two houseguests will be in Big Brother 11. This is the first time I’ve watched BB, and only because I stumbled upon it on accident. I only work full time so I have a lot of time off that I spend mostly at home with the kids. BB became one of my all time favorite television shows. The idea seems pretty simple- live in a house for several weeks with strangers, play a few competitions, and win half a million dollars. I think I could handle it, personally, after all, I survived Air Force boot camp for seven weeks living among 59 other women I didn’t know and from all over the country. In that small amount of time I made friends with my roomies, so it’s easy to see how some of the BB contestants become buddies among each other.

But it is also easy to how the make enemies within the house simply because their voice (or face, or way of playing the game) can drive other contestants nuts!

So what’s my take on BB11?

Chima-it’s a good thing she departed. It’s even better that she got herself expelled. This woman did not deserve the cash. She was conceited, revengeful, and obviously didn’t know how to play a game fairly.

Ronnie-he was a great liar, which could have taken him a lot further in the game. Unfortunately his lies didn’t sit well with the other contestants, so it’s not surprising that he was evicted when he was.

Jordan-I’m pretty sure if I had the oppurtunity to be friends with her, I would. She is a really sweet person from what I’ve seen, and I think it’s genuine. I would be glad if she won.

Jeff-I really hope Jeff wins, if not Jordan, and that he really does like Jordan as it appears on the show! I voted for Jeff to win Coup d’etat.

Casey- Out of him, Braden, and Laura, I would have liked to have seen him go a lot further in the game. The best part of him was, sadly, when he got evicted, calling Ronnie a “manipulative dorkapottomus with the God complex” and Jessie a “self absorbed, …egomaniac with the personality and I.Q. of , ironically enough, a banana” thank you Casey.

Russell, Michele, and Natalie-I don’t believe any of them were great BB players. They simply don’t deserve to win from an all around standpoint.

Hopefully the best player on BB11 wins!

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She’s Just Being Miley?

Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Wor...
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Oh dear. Whose ‘tween keeps up with the craze we call Miley Cyrus? She’s a very cute girl, don’t get me wrong. And I do believe that I am only what, 8 years older than she… but she is barely at the young age of sixteen, and dressing as trashy as ever. The Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus audience is mainly yippy and ever impressive seven to twelve year old girls…roughly.. and she is going the dress the way she did at the Teen Choice Awards?

Here comes sixteen year old Cyrus, hair washed three days prior, in super short shorts and nearly too sexy brown boots. Miley, my dear, you are on your way down the path of fellow child celeb, Ms. Lindsay Lohan.

My daughter is several years shy of being a Miley fan, but if she was in the tween category, I promise I would not let her dress anything like Ms. Miley.

Billy Ray, are you proud?

Just a few other things Miley does that I don’t classify as “normal” for a young woman:
-wearing a white blond wig.
-dating a 21 year old male model.
-having a super husky smoker’s voice (please tell me you aren’t a smoker, Miley.)
pole dancing. If you dance around a pole, you’re probably a stripper. Or Kendra Wilkinson, as the former Playboy Bunny does have a stripper’s pole in the convenience of her own home.

I know she’s a celebrity and all, but she is ALSO a role model.

Cool it, Miley Cyrus!

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I don’t Quite Get It.

Football Fan
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At first thought prior to starting this post, writing about something I don’t know about seemed to be a bad idea. After all, I am mommy to somebody, it can’t be possible that I don’t know everything!

But alas, it is true. I don’t know everything.

And with “football season” making it’s way through 2009, I find myself lost. Again.

I can’t figure out two major things:
1. Why is it so fascinating (and only to us Americans? Because surely football in England is not football in the states! )
2. How do you score? Honestly, it just looks like a bunch of big men in tight spandex knocking each other down.


My love is into football as much as I am a reality t.v. show junkie. I am going to try again this year to upgrade from rookie status in the area of football knowledge.

When I lived in Oklahoma for a few short years, I got a taste of college football fever. My goodness, I have never seen so much love for the sport. I haven’t really been close to NFL fanatics, but I feel like these college football fans are way more crazy about their boys than the real deal. Why is that?

If anyone out there wants to give me a quick lesson, I’d be happy to know.

Just a thought before I went to sleep. Goodnight!

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A Nice Warm Welcome

In-N-Out Burger
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Yay! I am up and running for my blog! Congrats to me. I am so excited to finally have figured out exactly how I want to run my lovely little blog…or not. Well at least I have started. Thursdays mean special  “Thoughtful Thursday.” I am very into themes. So don’t be surprised if I pretty much have one for every day of the week!


1. SO excited for my favorite reality t.v. shows! Tonight..who gets evicted from Big Brother 11? And also, who are the new fashion designers on the long awaited premiere of Project Runway?

2. Um.. having children reminds me of how time goes by way to fast. My son is 8 months old, sitting up, chomping down the baby food, grabbing things like crazy.

3. How do they have the heart to make us run this weekend during drill (in the military, US Air Force Reserve)?

4. Still trying to figure out why I am anti fast food burger (except In-n-Out) … it just doesn’t appeal to me.

5. Have you seen Kim Kardashian now? As a blond? (I am way into celebrity gossip, trashy, I know)

And that’s it! Til next time, and thanks for checking out my new blog! Your support helps!

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