I don’t Quite Get It.

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Football Fan
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At first thought prior to starting this post, writing about something I don’t know about seemed to be a bad idea. After all, I am mommy to somebody, it can’t be possible that I don’t know everything!

But alas, it is true. I don’t know everything.

And with “football season” making it’s way through 2009, I find myself lost. Again.

I can’t figure out two major things:
1. Why is it so fascinating (and only to us Americans? Because surely football in England is not football in the states! )
2. How do you score? Honestly, it just looks like a bunch of big men in tight spandex knocking each other down.


My love is into football as much as I am a reality t.v. show junkie. I am going to try again this year to upgrade from rookie status in the area of football knowledge.

When I lived in Oklahoma for a few short years, I got a taste of college football fever. My goodness, I have never seen so much love for the sport. I haven’t really been close to NFL fanatics, but I feel like these college football fans are way more crazy about their boys than the real deal. Why is that?

If anyone out there wants to give me a quick lesson, I’d be happy to know.

Just a thought before I went to sleep. Goodnight!

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