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A Nice Warm Welcome

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Yay! I am up and running for my blog! Congrats to me. I am so excited to finally have figured out exactly how I want to run my lovely little blog…or not. Well at least I have started. Thursdays mean special  “Thoughtful Thursday.” I am very into themes. So don’t be surprised if I pretty much have one for every day of the week!


1. SO excited for my favorite reality t.v. shows! Tonight..who gets evicted from Big Brother 11? And also, who are the new fashion designers on the long awaited premiere of Project Runway?

2. Um.. having children reminds me of how time goes by way to fast. My son is 8 months old, sitting up, chomping down the baby food, grabbing things like crazy.

3. How do they have the heart to make us run this weekend during drill (in the military, US Air Force Reserve)?

4. Still trying to figure out why I am anti fast food burger (except In-n-Out) … it just doesn’t appeal to me.

5. Have you seen Kim Kardashian now? As a blond? (I am way into celebrity gossip, trashy, I know)

And that’s it! Til next time, and thanks for checking out my new blog! Your support helps!

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